Create the gorgeous colors you want easily.

Bring your imagination to life, one color at a time.

Get 108 Master Clay Color Collection Now!

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Just create it yourself.

Stop waiting for the store to have the color you need.

You can create all this with only 4 primary colors.💙💛❤️🤍

👉And the best part, you get more colors than what the stores sell.

✨Moreover, you now have the freedom to unleash your creativity, whenever inspiration strikes.

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Color Mix with confidence.

These color recipes take the overwhelm out of mixing colors.

They are easy to follow and help with color theory.

Easiest way to save colors.

Never stress whether you've written a recipe down.

They've already been written for you.

Always get the same results.

Create your creations with color consistency.

Be able to make multiples and never have to stress if your colors will come out the same way.

In This 17-Page Downloadable Digital Product You Get:

✅An exquisite master collection, offering 108 recipe cards of a vibrant rainbow of colors across eight diverse palettes. (12 pages)

✅Diagrams and cymatics on cutting and measuring colors.

✅Instructions and tips of set up and organization.

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  • Step 1

    Buy, download and print out the 108 Master Clay Color Card Collection.

  • Step 2

    Create the colors then glue or tape them to the right color recipe card.

  • Step 3

    Organize in binder for easy access.